• 1. PRICE

    You can check the prices of transfers and stickers using the calculator below.


    Send your order by email. In your order, please let us know the quantity and size of the transfers you would like.

  • 3. WAIT

    Wait for the package to arrive! Our delivery time is 1-2 working days.

  • You can order transfer images and UV stickers as individual files or as gang sheets.


    We prefer to receive your material as a vectorised file (.PDF, .AI, .EPS) for best results. If vector format is not available, a high quality image file (.PNG, .TIFF) will also do. When using an image file, the file should be as large as possible and have a resolution of 300 DPI.


    Send the material as you want it to be printed. Check that the image is the right colour and that there are no extra elements in the file, such as background colours, that you don't want in the final transfer image. Scale the file to the size you want and if possible, convert the fonts.


    If you prefer gang sheets, save the material as a single PDF file. Check that the material is in the desired size when finished. The maximum width of the material is 58cm.

  • Need help with the material?

    Ordering transfer photos is meant to be easy and fun and if there's anything you're wondering or feel unclear about, get in touch! Our production team is staffed by top DTF professionals who are happy to help and guide you with your materials and orders.



You can calculate the price of transfer images and stickers below. If you wish, you can also download the price list as a PDF file.


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