We focus all our expertise on DTF printing technology and we are the only company in Finland that specializes exclusively in this method. We constantly monitor the development of the industry and work actively to remain its pioneers. This gives us the opportunity to offer the best expertise to our customers, and it is important to us that our dedication to DTF printing is also reflected in our knowledge and service.


The production of ready-to-use DTF-transfer images and UV DTF-stickers is our core activity. We are a fast and flexible DTF-transfer partner and our delivery time is approx. 1-2 business days. At best, you will receive your order in the mail the very next day. It is also possible to pick up your order. Our production and pick-up points are located in Tampere, Turku and Vantaa.


In addition to DTF-transfer image production, we operate as an importer of DTF printers and printing materials. In our own production we use the same printers and materials that we sell to our customers.

The maintenance of machinery as an integral part of our services, and our aim is to offer the customer the most flexible partnership possible. If problems arise with your equipment, it is our job to ensure the continuity of your production. With years of experience, we will carry out the necessary maintenance and repairs professionally.