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What is DTF printing?

DTF (direct-to-film) is a digital printing technology developed for textile labelling, which allows for highly detailed designs by printing the desired image on a DTF film coated with textile inks using a DTF printer. After printing, an adhesive powder is sprinkled on the ink and fused to the image. The final result is a ready-to-use transfer image that can be heat-pressed.

Compared to the most commonly used alternative marking techniques (screen printing and heat transfer vinyls), DTF is superior: it is faster, easier and more cost-effective, without compromising quality.

What is the idea behind DTF transfers and what makes them worth a try?

In its simplicity, the idea is that the customer does not have to spend time making their own heat transfer prints, but can order ready-made heat pressable transfer images from a file of their choice.

What makes them worth a try is above all their ease and speed: you can streamline your workflow and focus on other things while we prepare the transfers for you.

How to use a DTF transfer image?

Once you have ordered your transfers, we will print and send them to you by post within 1-2 working days. Smaller transfers will be delivered in sheets and larger ones individually cut. When the press is set and heated to the desired temperature, place the textile on the pressing plate. Then position the transfer in the desired position, adhesive side down. It is advisable to place a sheet of baking paper, for example, between the press and the textile to protect it. Now just put the handle of the press down and wait for the printing to be completed. The film may be removed from the transfer image immediately after pressing.

Mihin UVDTF-tarraa voi käyttää?

UVDTF-tarrat ovat kovien tuotteiden merkkaamiseen tarkoitettu vaihtoehto: vesipullot, maljakot, kuulokkeet, kovakantiset muistikirjat, kynät... vain taivas on rajana!

Usein etenkin yksittäisten tuotteiden ja pienten erien merkkaaminen tulee kalliiksi, sillä esim. monivärisen silkkipainatuksen pelkät aloituskustannukset kohoavat helposti jopa sataan euroon. UV-tarroilla personoit myös pieniä määriä kustannustehokkaasti.

Tarrat toimitetaan valmiiksi siirtokalvolle laminoituna ja ne on helppo kiinnittää lopputuotteeseen.

Is a heat press necessary? Doesn't an iron do the same thing?

The heat and pressure of the heat press are precisely adjustable, and the pressure is evenly distributed over the area to be pressed. The press is specifically designed for heat transfer printing, while the iron is used for ironing clothes. Unfortunately, we cannot give any guarantee that the transfer image attached to the iron will stick.

Can a garment printed with a DTF transfer be washed in the washing machine?

Yes. When pressed according to instructions, the print will withstand 60 degree washing, as well as normal domestic tumble drying.

Can you remove the transfer if you accidentally press it in the wrong place?

Unfortunately, a fully functional way to remove DTF transfers without damaging the textile has not yet been found.